Dear Familia,

Nearly a year ago, God led a small group of 8 leaders and I to host the first worship gathering of our church plant, En Vivo Church. God was asking us to invest in Burton Heights neighborhood of Grand Rapids through the proclamation of the Gospel in word and deed. Since that time, we’ve been worshiping once a month together, on the first Sunday evening of the month and meeting weekly for Bible study in my home. We’ve built a partnership with the local clinic that serves the uninsured in our neighborhood. We’ve built bridges with a local “halfway” house, helping men coming out of the justice system to reenter society. We’ve even started an English-Second-Language class for our immigrant neighbors.

This November, En Vivo Church will celebrate its first-year anniversary. It is fitting that we will give thanks to God for how far we’ve come in the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving. But, while we’re grateful for what God has already done, we look up the hill to see where to go next.

It’s time for En Vivo Church to move from a monthly service to something more regular. We want to worship God together more than once a month! We’re trusting in God that we can move to weekly Sunday worship at the start of 2018. But, this requires a significant financial commitment for facility rental and other related costs. We can’t do it on our own!

One of my favorite miracle stories of Jesus is in Matthew 14:13-21, where Jesus tells the disciples to feed the crowd of over 5,000. The 12 disciples don’t think they have enough, toting only a few loafs of bread and a couple of fish. But, once Jesus gave thanks for the bread and broke it, there was not only enough bread for everyone there, but there were 12 baskets left over.

This Thanksgiving, as you and your congregation thank God for the opportunity that to worship together weekly, please consider paying that blessing forward as an act of gratitude. We are looking for twelve churches to share a collection of at least $1,200 each to help us cover the expenses of a facility rental, and other related expenses for weekly worship. We’re asking you to consider doing this out of a designated outreach fund, or by raising a collection at your church in the months of October or November. Additionally, we are looking for at least 12 individuals who can give $100 in the same act of gratitude. Donations from any Christian organizations would be gratefully appreciated as well. Our goal is to raise $15,600 by November 30th.

At En Vivo Church, we know that God can provide where it seems there isn’t much. We invite you to visit our donation link, to give and to join in what God is doing in our neighborhood. Please visit our donation page for ways to give. And please contact us you have any questions we can help answer. Thank you for your consideration.

Rev. R.R. Tavárez