Upcoming Workshop!

We’re excited to host a workshop around the book, White Fragility. Geared specifically to a white audience, this book challenges its readers to dispel the excuses for not getting involved in discussions on race, and move them toward becoming anti-racists. 

Click here to register. [Registration for this workshop is now closed]. 

Our Facilitators: 

mandyfowlerr_photo-1Mandy Fowler. Mandy grew up in Michigan and has come back after 14 years in Los Angeles to discover she still hates winters, but really loves being near family. She enjoys writing, hiking, and thinking deeply about the American church and theology. She has a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and previously worked in small groups ministry at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in LA. She is currently Director of Faith Development for Cornerstone UMC in the Grand Rapids area. Mandy serves as the lead facilitator for this workshop.



Rae Mieskowski is the workshop’s co-facilitator. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Rae attended Union High School, then Michigan State University earning a Bachelor’s in Sociology. Rae has worked in patient care for 8 years. He has plans to attend seminary in the near future to pursue a career in ministry and preaching as part of a life-long calling to serve God and God’s people.