Sundays @ 10:07 am 


Before the Book of Philippians became a part of the New Testament, it was simply a letter to one of the early churches. Can a letter written centuries ago have any relevance to a contemporary church that is divided by politics and ideology? Join us as we read this letter and allow ourselves to be shaped and challenged by its words in a message series called, Ancient Letter, Modern Word: Reading Philippians Today.

Nick Hopkins and Rev. Deborah McCreary are special guest preachers during this series. Meet us on Sunday at 10:07am at 1415 Plainfield NE.

Tuesdays @ 6:34 pm 


join us for Bible studies during this series where we will explore the context of letters in the New Testament and explore contemporary prophetic letter writing to the church of today.

Bible study takes place at 133 Caledonia St. NE, next door to our current worship space.