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Resistance as Worship

One of the ways we can worship God that seems unconventional is through resistance.

Pastor’s Blog: Red, White & Blue

From the archives, Rev. Ricardo Tavárez talks about racial profiling, racial injustice, and the work of the Church.

Pastor’s Blog: Curse the Tree

What do we bring into the temple that gets in the way of those of who seek God most earnestly? What do we place between the street and the altar that prevents the hurting from receiving their healing?

40 Days

These 40 days are designed to help us look inward and identify with Christ’s sacrifice for us. Then, in strolls COVID-19…

Pastor’s Blog: Strange Calling [Part 2]

What is God calling you to do?
How did you discover that calling?

Pastor’s Blog: Strange Calling [Part 1]

I confess that I was somewhat of an oddity as a child. There are some who might argue that I’ve retained this quality into my adulthood.

Pastor’s Blog: Until We Come Together (a letter to the congregation)

Until further notice, we will not be gathering for Bible study or worship. This won’t last forever…. To continue your spiritual growth and sharing in community I encourage you to do the following…

Waiting Through Stillness

Waiting is a daily occurrence in all of our lives… However, throughout the Bible, God calls us to wait.

Pastor’s Blog: Mission Heights

“I live two doors down from the porn store. The one with a big triple-x sign.”…