Rev. Ricardo Tavárez – Pastor

Rev. Tavárez is a second-generation Latino immigrant of Dominican and Puerto Rican decent, who has spent most of his life in Grand Rapids. At a young age, he grew a passion for accessing skills and resources that he could bring into urban areas of the city, while building up minority community leaders. He earned a dual undergraduate degree at Kuyper College in Bible and International Business. He later graduated from Calvin Theological Seminary with a Master’s Degree in Divinity. In 2016, Rev. Ricardo R. Tavarez felt called to start En Vivo Church, in his own backyard, that being the Burton Heights neighborhood. Rev. Tavárez remains passionate about equipping urban leaders with cross-cultural leadership and ministry skills, while advocating for those pushed to the margins of society. Ricardo loves traveling, the arts and specifically theatre. One of his dreams is that En Vivo church will be a platform where artistic expression takes place.