It was 2015 when Rev. Ricardo Tavárez began to pray about starting a church in the Burton Heights Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, a former red-light district of the city, though home to many families  and small business. Having grown up in the area, it seemed that God was calling him to this mission in his own backyard. In May of 2016, he shared these prayers with several Christian leaders. A handful of these leaders realized that God too was calling them to join the Holy Spirit’s work in Burton Heights. This group joined together and is becoming a multicultural, bilingual worshiping community, officially becoming a church plant of the Christian Reformed Church of North America in November 2016.

We are En Vivo Church.


As followers of Jesus Christ, we live out and proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom in the Burton Heights Neighborhood.


We envision a church actively engaged with the Holy Spirit in the transformation of the Burton Heights Neighborhood through the sharing the gospel, by acting in mercy, the cultivation of community resources, and the practice of justice. We see the freedom of Christ bringing wholeness and righteousness to our neighbors. We anticipate disciples rising from our community as champions for God’s kingdom.