Lent @ En Vivo 


Lent is a time on the Church calendar that begins with Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14th) and ends on Easter Sunday (March 31st). It’s a period of just over 6 weeks long where we intentionally remind ourselves of our mortality, our need for God’s grace, and the fulfilment of that grace in Jesus Christ.

Jesus often used farm fields as a place of teaching and as metaphors for his message. This year we will practice lent through hearing messages on Sundays related to Jesus in the field. We’ll also include focused times of prayer, mediation, and fasting. All the details are below.

Ash Wednesday


On Wednesday, Feb. 14th, we have two opportunities for you to join us for a time of reflection, communion, and the impartation of ashes. Meet us at New City Neighbors (1115 Leonard St. NE, 49503) at either 12:07pm or 6:07pm for a short gathering that includes walking the field of their urban farm. Put it on your calendar and we’ll see you there.

Good Friday


What happened in the Garden of Gethsame?

Meet us for worship at our regular worship space, 1415 Plainfield Ave, at 6:34pm. We will sing and read Bible verses that lead up the crucifiction of Jesus. We will pause to have communion and meditate on the verses where Jesus prays in the garden. 

Easter Sunday


Join us at our regular time, 10:07am, for a time of celebration and worship! All are welcome!

Prayer, Meditation, and Fasting


In addition to Sunday worship, we will fast to open ourselves up to hearing God’s voice. On Mondays we’ll refrain from eating meat until after Easter. If you’re already a vegetarian or vegan, awesome! Think about what else you could refrain from to take a sacrificial posture, like sweets.

Finally, we will also go outdoors every day to feel the elements as we anticipate the coming warmth of spring and Easter. Go outside at least once a day, for at least five minutes, no matter the weather. (Set a timer if it’s helpful.) Feel the seasons change overtime. Don’t limit yourself. Consider going for a walk or drive. If you are physically unable to get outdoors, participate by getting close to a window where you can still see and feel the outdoors a bit.

Use the guiding statement and prayers listed below. Then open yourself to what the Holy Spirit might be saying to you. Don’t be discouraged if it feels strange at first. It will feel more natural as you practice over time. Here are the guides for each week:

2/14 – 2/17: Pray, “Holy Spirit, open my heart and mind to what you have to say.”

2/18 – 2/24: What is giving you hope?

2/25 –3/2:  How is God providing for you today?

3/3—3/9: What does it take to rest in God’s grace?

3/10—3/16: Pray for God to open your heart and the heart of others to receive the love of Jesus Christ.

3/17 – 3/23: What does a church focused on creating the conditions for abundant life look like?

3/24—3/30: In what ways is your faith increasing?