Lament isn’t something anyone likes to do, or even talk about. Yet, we have an entire book of the Bible dedicated to the act of Lament, or crying out to God in suffering. What does that mean for us?

Recently, Rae Mieskowski took up the challenge of preaching his first sermon from the book of Lamentations. Using the context of Lamentations and his own life story, Rae teaches us about crying out to God, and listening for God’s response.

Rae is a 32 year old transgender man who is seeking to follow God’s call. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, he attended Union High School, then Michigan State University earning a Bachelor’s in Sociology. Rae has worked in patient care for 8 years.

He has plans to attend seminary in the near future to pursue a career in ministry and preaching as part of a life-long calling to serve God and God’s people.

You can hear his story and message here: