The Holy Spirit

empowers you to change the world.


On Pentecost, the day the followers of Christ were first given the Holy Spirit, those believers were empowered to build transformative relationships across all kinds of social barriers. People heard the message of Jesus and a revolution began. 

In the Bible (Joel 2:28), God says to us, “… I will pour out my Spirit on all people.” That includes you! 

Make the connection.


Join us over the next few weeks as we challenge cultural norms around power by building authentic relationships. We invite you to make personal connection with someone each week by having a conversation, praying for their needs, and praying for the world near and far. But don’t stop there! Ask God to help you transform your community into a place that reflects God’s love and justice.

Pick up the phone. Have a conversation. Make a connection.

Need help getting started? Below is a list of things you can be in pray for each week during the series.


Prayer Starters


Week of May 19

Week of May 26

Week of June 2nd

  • Pray for the future of En Vivo Church as it celebrates it’s 8th anniversary.

Week of June 9th

Week of June 16

  • Pray for the upcoming Grand Rapids Pride Festival and the safety of all those attending
  • Pray for the Grand Rapids Pride Center

Week of June 30

  • Pray for the end of violence and oppression in Palestine