What’s your story? 


The Gospel tells us that God is active in the world. And guess what! Your story is the living proof.

Our current sermon series includes the power of reflection and testimony. How has God been made real in your journey? What challenges have you been able to overcome? What goals are you hoping to achieve? Each Sunday we’ll hear testimonies of God’s love and discuss what God is doing in our lives.

Join us on Sundays at 10:07am to be encouraged. 


Share Your Story


In addition to Sunday worship, we’re inviting participants to meet with at least two people by May 18th to have meaningful conversations. We want you to include…

1. Listening to one another about life’s current challenges. 

2. Sharing a story of encouragement from personal life experience. 

3. Taking a selfie and sharing your positive encounter with the world. 

Let’s step out and make it known that we are stronger together.