Saturday, December 3

Darkness by Jan Richardson

You have hidden your face from us. – Isaiah 64:7 

Take some time to center yourself today. Find a quiet spot. Light a candle if you have one near. Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, inviting the Spirit of God to speak to you in the silence. 

You began in the darkness, O God. And so did we. Out of the abyss you birthed creation, giving shape, form and meaning to what we would come to know as the earth. You blessed animals, plants and we humans with the warmth and brightness of the sun, only to return us each evening to the darkness of the night. A sacred, still place in which we may find you. If we sit. If we wait. If we linger.  


Meet us in the darkness O Lord, and be our light. Help us to know and believe that in you we have nothing to fear. Even if our eyes cannot see, even when we cannot know what is to come, we can know that you are with us. Be with us in our waiting. Blessing Move over the face of my deep, my darkness, my endless restless chaos, and create, O God; trouble me, comfort me, stir me up, and calm me, but do not cease to breathe your Spirit into my wakening soul. Amen.